general medicine services  Tinley Park, IL
Here at Rakesh Chugh, MD, we are proud to offer a full spectrum of services to our patients to treat a variety of conditions. Our highly trained professionals have years of experience in diagnosing and treating these conditions, and we are happy to help find a solution to best suit your individual needs.

We strive to create individualized treatment plans for each of our patients as each person has a unique history and unique needs. Some of our services include:

Diabetes services  Tinley Park, IL


Diabetes is a common health concern that can alter a patient’s lifestyle and quality of life.

Here at Rakesh Chugh, MD, we specialize in treating patients with diabetes and helping them manage their condition to best experience a happy and healthy life. Whether you are experiencing chronic fatigue, frequent urination, or suspect you may have nerve damage, we are here to help.

We provide diagnostic testing and various treatment options to help our patients manage their blood sugar levels.

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High Blood Pressure services  Tinley Park, IL

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be a dangerous condition as those who have it typically do not display symptoms. While those with high blood pressure may not experience any pain or discomfort, their condition could still be life-threatening.

Here at Rakesh Chugh, MD, we are proud to provide services to best identify and address this issue in our patients. We can help you make the necessary lifestyle changes and prescribe medication to aid in the management of your condition and prevent stroke, heart attack, or other health complications.

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Allergy Testing

Whether you think you have allergies to environmental allergens, certain foods, or chemicals, being tested provides you with a way to know for sure. You can then take steps to lower your risk of having allergic reactions. Rakesh Chugh, MD offers allergy testing, including skin tests, for adults in Tinley Park, Illinois who suspect that they’re allergic to certain substances.

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Cough Specialist

Coughing once in awhile usually isn’t something to worry about, but you should seek medical care for a frequent or severe cough. Depending on what’s causing your cough, you might need simple treatment, such as rest and over-the-counter medication, or more complicated treatment, such as managing a chronic respiratory condition. Rakesh Chugh, MD provides diagnostic services and treatments for adults in Tinley Park, Illinois who have a severe or persistent cough.

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Rash Specialist

Having a rash can cause you a considerable amount of discomfort or embarrassment, especially if it’s itchy or in a highly noticeable area. While many rashes are not a serious problem, some can indicate that you have an underlying health issue that needs to be treated. Rakesh Chugh, MD offers diagnoses and treatment for adults in Tinley Park, Illinois who have rashes.

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Sore Throat

Sore throats are common and usually get better on their own, but some can be more serious and raise your risk of complications. If you have a sore throat that’s severe or does not get better in a certain amount of time, it’s important to seek treatment for it. Rakesh Chugh, MD provides diagnostic services and treatments for sore throats for adults in Tinley Park, Illinois.

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Headaches are common, but it’s not normal to have frequent or severe ones. If you have recurring headaches or ones that cause severe pain, such as migraines, they can affect your quality of life and keep you from going about your daily activities. Rakesh Chugh, MD provides treatment for adults in Tinley Park, Illinois who have severe or frequent headaches.

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